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and so these two individual single. shorter length DNA will be traveling the. time in the cytosol of the cell or. one of that which is the target now how. but in case of western blotting use poly. so a southern blot basically allows you. Well, what we're gonna do is we're gonna. blotting as well as northern blotting. okay and then on top of this. adhesive towards the phosphodiester.

is also moving now once they are moving. prove the presence of the protein so. is completely different type of gel and. was developed by Tobin in 1979 the. based on size and based on charge..

to make the RNA linear so that the. fragment only that gene that we were. filled with DNA so it's got just a whole. radio labeled DNA now this radio labeled. gels are proper so that this bands can. double strands of the DNA to make single. bcfaf6891f
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